Quill are a six piece band that play celtic rock and pop music, featuring violin, mandolin and vocal harmony.They are the band of Joy, email joy of quill.

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Hello to all our loyal friends and followers. It's been a while now since we lost Ben. It's been a hard road with many ups and downs. On that day my life changed forever.

But Ben left a legacy. He had spent the last few years writing songs, sketching and painting pictures for a new Quill album. At first I felt heartbroken to think of the time and devotion he had put into this project not to finish it, but with a sudden clarity I realised the most important thing I had to do now was to accomplish his goal. This commitment developed within me a tremendous drive and determination and it certainly helped me cope with my loss.

All members of Quill got behind me straight away and started working on the songs and then I had a thought: wouldn't it be wonderful to use as many ex members as possible (there have been quite a few over the years). A few phone calls and emails later I was once again moved by the support and love that was coming through for Ben and myself. It seemed that everyone was as determined as me to make the recording a success. Suddenly, I had wonderful musicians, a studio complete with engineer, graphic designer, offers to organise CD duplication - and numerous other fantastic people helping out!

We now have many tracks for the first album recorded and hope it will be complete with full artwork and history on the band in the next few months.

However I've had a bee in my bonnet to put something out for Ben. He had a great love of England and was passionate about the countryside and nature, so we thought it appropriate to release an EP of three songs to include his patriotic song "ENGLAND"

We hope you enjoy........

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